Facility Management departments are now a strategic support service and significantly contribute to the success and profitability of organisations. They have to deal with optimisation of costs and quality of service to co-workers to support the economic and social performance of organisations. They go with all the economic, social, and environmental changes of your organisation. Skilful and transverse, Facility Managers support an ambitious process of mobilisation of resources and development of human capital to increase economic and societal performance of organisations. They especially allow to:

  • Rationalise operating costs
  • Manage lifecyle of real estate assets and movable assets
  • Dematerialise general purchasing processes
  • Prevent social risks and well-being of co-workers 
  • Clear the ground for new working modes
  • Initiate and follow a CSR approach

KIMOCE provides a day-to-day support to help you meet the expectations of the various trade managements, communicate in concrete terms about the added value of Facility Management and thus take up your three major challenges.

Reduce your operating costs
Create customer loyalty among your internal customers
Optimise your surfaces

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